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From suggestions of the material until it reaches your hand   From suggestions of the material until it reaches your hand

From raw materials imports to production and distribution

Raw materials, ingredients, materials, products, seasonal products, such as packaging materials arrangements, has a root in countries around the world, product packaging from the manufacturer, in the comprehensive strength of Takemoto Foods group unique that has the know-how to perform to sell consistently by ourselves, from the best of suggestions along the request of projects to sell in the shop you can consult in total.

・Imports of raw materials
・Planning of new products
・Suggestions of seasonal products
・Packaging development
・Consultation of over-the-counter equipment

Whole sale

Imports and sales delicious sweets from the world.
We will help to enhance the attractive product lineup.

We, Takemoto Foods is said to be "a member of a work in progress boom" to be one after another hit the delicious food in unique.
We have managed a boom of Belgian waffles and egg tarts.
The imported delicious, unique dessert & sweets of the world from the point of view of the general food manufacturers to expand to such world-wide, we are wholesale sales.

Belgiun Waffle
Belgiun Waffle
Standard waffle from Belgium.
Imported from Miste Bagel company made in United Kingdom.
As such, nor in the toaster, you can eat delicious even fried in oil.

Egg tarto shell
Egg tart shell
Popular dessert in Asia. Shell is biscuits type.
Crocket Potate
Crocket Potate
Such as rare cheese and Almond is applicable to a variety of tart.Crispy in flying, palatable palate feeling, suitable for side menu for cafe.
Fried dough cake Donut
Fried dough cake Donut
It is a rod-shaped doughnut rustic taste yelling firmly kneading the dough.Since then deliver it to frozen fried, served delicious thaw only.
  French Waffle
French Waffle
It is a product gorgeous, popular which I wrap plentiful cream in a waffle of soft half size, and a topping made fruit and chocolate.