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Let's go ! "Take a Ai Train" in Valentine Train 2015
@ "Valentine train" which became a topic to be covered in various media last year, has been operating over the two days of by increasing grade up this year, February 7th and the 11th !

In last year, it had became a hot topics that "KOI(Love)" of event, to the "station" with character of "KOI" named "KOI Yamagata", "Let's go to "KOI Yamagata" station rideing in love train", 2nd times event had held in this year too.
Valentine train of 2015 has been dealt "behavior hot chocolate drink" to customers who visited to watch the train that has been wrapped in Valentine's specifications before departure. This event had started from LIVE listen in special train to wait for the departure by stop to Chizu Station, up close the performance of Kyoko Tanahashi of Tottori prefecture viola player.
It becomes on time, the famous "Take a A Train" to the BGM as jazz standard number train was lightly starting. KOI Yamagata station special stage is provided, there is a hot message from Tottori Prefecture Governor and Chizu Mayor, hot live events that do not lose the cold by the "KOI Yamagata Girls" was held.

And also held a popular event that "Buy a chocolate during the period, then asked to posting on a dedicated post, and to deliver free to your destination of choice to February 14", we called "Deliver the message of "KOI", from the station "KOI Yamagata".
This year also been entrusted to us a lot of chocolate, we deliver with a wonderful smile.

@ In addition, this year is "KOI Yamagata Station" itself, whole large tapestry which adopted a picture of a handicap artists of Tottori prefecture the wall of the front of the station decorated.
Since the tapestry has been installed until the Mother's day of 2015, and went to also look at all means those who missed the event, please try to feel the art.