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Moe Oshikiri & handicap artist events,
the "Ai Support Valentine Festa" was held in Tottori Daimaru.
@ The exhibition a handicap artists work of Tottori prefecture in the day wide venue. We had exhibited a lot of work by handicap artists who is living in Tottori prefecture.

Painting of an original that was co-produced in model of Oshikiri Moe's and handicap artists lived in Tottori prefecture for this project had been exhibited. The day had held talk show of Moe Oshikiri and Beautician Aiko Jane's Yamano on the stage, live performance by Kyoko Tanahashi (viola player) Totori prefecture resident, and song and performance by Kenta Nagasato (synthesizer player) Tottori prefecture resident of handicap artists, etc, many of the content has been unveiled. In addition, the day is also Valentine chocolate was selling at the facilities which were added in the same venue, chocolate using a package that was appointed the work of handicap artists, also postcards and posters. As well as a lot of visitors come to this event, we provided a hot topic in the cold season.

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