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Company Identity

TF_logo   Takemoto Foods Logo Mark represents the bonds of human.

Tf Character Is The Image Of The Parent-Child Bonds.Takemoto Foods
Cherish The "Kizuna" From Past, Present And To The Future.Chef And
Tf Staff Create The Future Work Together .

As The Core Of The Global Merchandising Connecting Japan And
Overseas From All Over The World To Japan, From Japan To The Rest
Of The World We Will Spread Delicious And Safety Food .
<Quality Policy>
  1. Each Person To Comply With Quality Standards And Safety Standards,At Each Stage Of Planning, Development, Manufacturing By Fulfilling Our Responsibilities, To Provide Maximum Satisfaction To Our Customers.
  2. Compliance With Laws And Regulations, Thorough Corporate Ethics,We Will Endeavor To Continue To Be An Organization That Is Trusted By The Customers.
  3. Aims To Enhance Communication To Both Internal And External Corporate We Respond Quickly To The Changing Demands Of Society.
  4. I build a quality management system, and there is improvement with the effectiveness continuously.
  5. 2011/7/1
    Takemoto Foods Co. Ltd
    Takemoto Kazuyoshi CEO


Company Overview

Company Name Takemoto Foods Co. Ltd
Osaka Head Office 5F  Tamade-nishi 2-1-63,Nishinari-ku, Osaka, 557-0045 Japan
TEL : 06-6659-8108
FAX : 06-6652-0776
Establishment December 1988
Capital 10 million
Fiscal Year End February
Representatives Takemoto Kazuyoshi CEO
Employees Full-time 50 Part-time 700
Business Contents A.Manufacturing & Selling Food for Wholesale
B.Manufacturing Japanese & European Sweet
C.123 Factory, FoodCout, Franchise Chain
D.Planning stores, sales of kitchen equipment
E.Planning, restaurants & shops
F.Import and sale of imported food
G.Overseas investment management company
H.Real estate
I.Management of food stores
J.Comissioned manufactur of the commercial package for gift
Finance Resona Bank
Kiyo Bank
Mizuho Bank


Profit Center

TFG TF Factory ・Oem Production, Cake Daly Dish Production & Gift Cake Production
Takemoto Foods Group Direct Management Of Factory Department Of Daly Dish , Depertment Of Chocolate & Cake, Depertment Of Sweet Bread & Casual Sweets And Ingredients For Professional Use Are Produced For Commercial Use.
Commercial Department ・Sales For Imported Food Products To Wholesale Sales From Our Factory Tfbrand Manufactured Original Brand Goods At National And International Cooperative Group Plants.Mainly We Deal In The Food Material For Restaurant Or Fast Food Shops
Food&Beverage Department ・Food Court & , Fast Foods Shops Cafe ,Ramen & Take Out Shop ★ 20 Types Of Food Business With 120 Stores. We Manage Mainly Food Court, Cafe-Restaurant & Takeout Shop
・Oem Manufacturer Of Luxury Brand Cakes And Sales Promotion Have Been Operated.
Franchise Department ・We Support The Applicants For Franchise Businesses, Overseas Business, Restaurant Business, Incubate Business & Food Court Plan.
Design&Planning Department ・Store Design,Design,
We Design For All Customer Needs .Store Logo Store Design, Led Panels ,Interior Furnishings, Planning Store For Imported Goods For Architecture

Cost Center

Head office section Corporateplanning Department Division Central To Corporate Strategy And Launch New Businesses
Global Marchandising&System Department Through A Worldwide Network, We Provide Products That Satisfy You.
Financial accounting Department Responsible For Finance And Accounting For The Entire Group
General affairs Department General In Charge Of Internal Affairs And Communications.
Marketing and Sales Promotion Department Responsible For The Sales Of Business To Expand In The Group.


TF Tamade Factory

TF Tamade Factory   イメージ

Base TF Tamade center factory of the integrated manufacturing

Osaka, Tokyo, etc. Tottori, Takemoto Foods nationwide network of offices with offices in Japan throughout. Located in the Hanshin Expressway Tamade exit 500m, will respond to the OEM production of Sweets delicatessen in response to every request of our customers from planning to design specification order.

"Takemoto Foods Tamade center"

Location: 2-16-3 Tamadenishi Nishinari-ku, Osaka 557-0045, Japan
TEL: +81-6-6652-0775 FAX: +81-6-6652-0776

Site: 1650 square meters
Plant area: 3300 square meters

Logistics warehousing and confectionary production plants x2, packaging plant
Delicatessen plant, salad plant


Company History

Oct/1987   Food Cart Business "Yatai Business" Started In Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture
Jul/1988   Our 1St Tacoyaki Shop "Oiri-Sennichimae" Opened At Namba Sennichimae Osaka
Jul/1988   Our 1St Crepe Shop "Chef Du Pooh" Opened At Nanko Osaka
Dec/1988   Takemoto Foods Co. Ltd Established At 5 Million Yen In Capital
Jun/1993   Foreign Trade Business Started.(Import Of Custard Powder )
Mar/1995   Concept Of The "123 Factory" Hana-Port Shop Opened At Tsurumi Ryokuchi Osaka
May/1997   Contract With The Distributor In Japan By "Milcamps" Belgium. Belgian Waffles Business Started
Mar/1998   "123 Factory" Shinjyuku Lumine Shop Opened
Sep/1998   Egg Tart Launched
Nov/1998   Our 1St Egg Tart Shop "Portugal Kids" Opened At Ginza
Nov/1999   Confectionery & Chocolate Depertment Estabulished
Dec/2000   World Gourmet Junction (400-Square-Meter Food Court) Opend At Rinku Premium Outlets
Oct/2004   Tacoyaki Very Popular Event At Galeries Lafayette In France
Mar/2005   Central Kitchen Opened
Nov/2009   Franchise Division Established
Mar/2011   Global Merchandising System Division Established
Jul/2011   Namba Valle Commercial Facility Opened
Apr/2011   Xiao Tian Long Cafe Bonite Opened At Aeon Akashi Shopping Center
Dec/2011   Foods Court World Gourmet Junction Opened At Maebashi Lirica
Dec/2011   Osaka Nanko Factory Obtained Iso9001Certification
Apr/2012   American Casual Sweets Shop 123Factory Opened At Aeon Mall Funabashi
May/2012   Mr Bagle Made In England Released
Jun/2012   Foods Court Gourmet Junction Opened At Aeon Higashi-Kishiwada
Jun/2012   Japanese Cafe Ponto & American Casual Sweets Shop 123Factory Opened At Aeon Higashi-Kishiwada Shopping Center
Aug/2012   Soho International Division Established. At 8F Headquarters
Aug/2012   Led Display Panel Division Established. In Store Design Division
Aug/2012   Media Division Established. Produce Led Display Panel & Movies
Dec/2012   Comprehensive production logistics bases Tamade Center (3300 square meters) open